intarome-aboutMaking Sense of Scents

Our days are filled with an endless array of fragrances and flavors that define everyday life…Whether it’s the intoxicating scent of freshly-laundered linens or the delectable taste of home-baked cookies, scent and taste play a pivotal role in our lives.

Meet Intarome

Intarome is a mid-sized privately-owned manufacturer of custom fragrances and flavors used in fine fragrance, personal care, household, laundry care, air care, cosmetics and I&I product applications. Under the expert and passionate guidance of Daniel G. Funsch, Chairman and CEO, Intarome has flourished as a leading manufacturer of custom fragrances that contribute to enhancing our everyday lives.

Size Matters

Our private ownership and size afford us a flexibility that distinguishes us from our competitors. At Intarome we have the resources and flexibility to quickly adapt to our dynamically changing business environment and clients’ needs, to be able to service them at record speeds without compromising quality.

Our Most Valued Resource

Intarome recognizes that human capital is one of its most valued resources, and as such, we provide an exceptional environment in which our employees can cultivate and reach their fullest potential, while sharing in the company’s success. By doing so, we guarantee the retention of one of the most talented teams in the industry with a vested interest in delivering the very best quality products to our valued clientele, while routinely optimizing and exceeding their performance standards.

A Leader In Global Wercs Compliance

WERCSmart (Supplier, Merchandiser And Retailer Technologies) is an industry-leading retail risk mitigation program developed specifically to give retailers quick and easy access to accurate regulatory compliance and sustainability data. The program gives suppliers a secure, intuitive way to submit critical product and chemical composition data needed to compile a complete set of hazard communications data.